Monday, June 26, 2017

Educators are becoming more and more manipulative.. ALL EYE'S ON YA

All Eye’s on, “Couch Middle School”, Grayson, Ga; Bay Creek; Discover High School: North Gwinnett:

There is a major issue with Minority students being charge with “sexual charges”, It appears to be very easy for a Corrupt School system to Bully students into making FALSE STATEMENTS ON other Students:

Perfect example: A/P at Couch Middle School, bullies and threatening students with referrals, “if they don’t lie on other students”: 

Guess which A/P had an overwhelming amount of complaints from Richards Middle School?
A/P removed from Richards Middle School and sent to Couch Middle School, doing the say unethical harassment to Minority Students:

 With that said, it’s very easy for an unethical educator to place HARSH CODES on your students’ school records as the board does not conduct a proper investigation: These educators can do as they please to your students and get away with it! AND THAT WOULD BE JIM CROW

Which is why we need to come together as a community and stop the criminalizing of Minority students!! These Corrupt educators must GO!!

If your students was Falsely accused by the GCPS contact us A.S.A.P!  Minority boys are getting expelled for the duration of the school year for “Allegedly” slapping  Female(s) on the BUTT  VS a white student having ORAL SEX at Peachtree Ridge, getting suspended for 10 days!!  

Minority boys are being Severely pushed & falsely accused:

Double Standard Blacks’ vs Whites in Gwinnett County Public Schools:


Send your students to school Attorney UP

  1.  Sign the Miranda from statement: Do not allow the schools to question your child without a parent or Guardian Present, this will limit the false statements from the Educators:
  2. Speak with you students about writing false statements that they've be manipulated to write:
  3. Students do not go in an office alone with an educators "that will limit the False statements",
  4. Parent keep your students Test Grades in order, that why your students grades cant be MANIPULATED

There main focus is to criminalize Minorities Students: and the Board gives them the authority to do so; 

Parents get on the ball, “Pay Attention” to what your students are talking about, ask questions. Don’t just pay taxes, be a part of your community: take action stay involved:

File a complaint against an unethical educator: 

Follow up with a federal compliant: :  


Department of Justice:

Educators are making false statements on our students: this is not okay: 

#Snap Chat # IM # Kick # Middle School # Georgia #  School To Prison Pipeline

Parent Student Advocate Support Group:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Are Educators using tax payers school taxes as there personal bank account:

Are Educators using tax payers school taxes as there personal bank account:
  1. OSS for 2015-2014 a total of "est" 14,000 x 8000 = Millions lost each year:
  2. Panel Cost Thousand of tax dollars- Millions lost each year:
  3. The Juvenile System is paid by tax dollars:
  4. Postage cost thousands of dollars a year:
  5. Assistant Principle over staff: middle schools have an assistant Principal for each grade and 1 main Principal: "Is this truly necessary"?
 How Discipline in the schools are  costing tax payers major dollars:

Educators making False statement to have students expelled and paneled the same educators bully Teacher to do the same!!  If you think this is okay, then do nothing......

Schools appear to be over staff with assistant principal?  The average state has 1 principal, 1 assistant principal and 1 school counselor in place:

Less Assistant Principal and more Foreign Language educators and Stem classes should start in k-5 

Overcrowded classrooms: Due to the overcrowded schools, educators students should all attend the schools there parents pay taxes in:

What's is going on with these educators yelling at students in front of there peers?  Has the N word become a topic in the schools: School Principals set the tone for racial slurs and unmonitored rude educators:

This needs to be shared: "This may not pertain to you" but it may pertain to 45% of the student population: we have got to get these unethical educators out of of school system:

Unethical educators calling students: Cotton pickers, calling students the N word, telling students to hush before they bring a whip out..... Our schools have been come toxic to say the least!  A students getting "Needs improvement?? To be pushed off the Honor and special groups: 

Students need invitations to Spanish?  But enough is enough!! 

Please file you complaints today

File a federal compliant against discrimination:

Check out the school discipline map before choosing a school: 


Rate your teacher, let the community know good or bad:

How the Justice Department Is Trying to Dismantle Georgia’s Segregated Special-Education System

After the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in America, racial discrimination became regulated by the so-called Jim Crow laws, which mandated strict  segregation of the races. ... This legislation that mandated segregation lasted to the mid-1960s.