Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Make the Call!! GCPS What's going on!

GCPS leads the nation with charging "Minority" students with Sexual related matters: 
Please Join me, call the Board of Education and your local politicians within your district: Ask them why so many minority boys are being charge with sexual harassment or sexual battery.." Charges" are from"hitting females in the butt, vs white students Dry humping or having oral sex in the schools getting less then 10 days or no consistences : 

  1. Why are you charging so many minority boys with Sexual Battery?
  2. Why are so many educators having sex with our students?
  3. Who's protecting our Students?
This appears to be the #1 charge a corrupt school system can get away with: Worst the School Govern by their own rules: Jim Crow for Southern States
Why is GCPS trying to criminalize our minority young men: Solange Roach @ 678-301-6000
Tell GCPS Education is not Incarceration
Examples:   Black and Brown Vs Whites
If your students was Falsely accused by the GCPS contact us A.S.A.P!  Minority boys are getting expelled for the duration of the school year for “Allegedly” slapping  Female(s) on the BUTT  VS a white student having ORAL SEX , getting suspended for 10 days!!  
  1. 3 White males dry humped another male student and got removed from the football team:
  2. Minority Male 6st grader was sitting at his desk and was accused of touching his
    Young nice looking teacher inappropriately. per the principal…… THIS NEVER Happened!!
  3. Several male students charged with Sexual Battery for slapping females in the BUTT. vs oral sex and dry humping white peers

Minority boys are being Severely pushed & falsely accused: and pushed out of the school system by bigot unethical educators

Double Standard Blacks’ vs Whites in Gwinnett County Public Schools
  • Minority Student was a witness on a EBD team, a Witness, The title 9 coordinator for the school had 5 special needs students all read the false statements, per written statements that the Title 9 coordinator all students write #Perjury #Fraud #Corruptions, #Racial attack on minority boys

Parents get involved!! These unethical educators must go..
Minority students are being criminalize for the same or less then there peers: Gwinnett County Turned BLUE, Why is the Board all WHITE?
Conflict of interest and bigotry:  
title 9 rep conducted a closed door investigation per the title 9 report and lied during the panel
The board signed off on all without conducting a full investigation